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Friday, February 25

9:00am MST

10:15am MST

Intro to Cross-Stitching in Unprecedented Times No Recording AvailableTyler Wardrop Overcoming Anxiety Through Art VimeoIzabella Orzelski • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Mixed Media Visual Journals: Project Ideas, Media and Techniques – Part 1/3 VimeoMichael Shain • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Coaching Conversations: Building positive relationships that impact practice Zoom RecordingLana Nogue • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* MyRetiree Plan Presentation (Health Benefits in Retirement) Zoom RecordingLouise Niles • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Student Motivation and Engagement Zoom RecordingCal Hauserman • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Fitbits, Mindfulness, and Teaching Content-Specific Vocabulary: Three Approaches to Increasing Student Engagement and Confidence Zoom RecordingEthan Pullan • Clara Kuk • Bari Ipaa • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Improv For All! Zoom RecordingKris Christianson • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Parler français: le grand défi de l'immersion Zoom RecordingSophie Ducharme • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* The Best Version of You Zoom RecordingAndrea Mishio • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Bolstering Resilience in Turbulent Times VimeoDanny Bateman • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Creative Writing to Cope with Stress and Build Resiliency VimeoAlexis Marie Chute • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Creative Writer's Block VimeoDarren Michalczuk • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* How to Get Your Students Writing Zoom RecordingRobin Pawlak • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* I Like Good Books and I Cannot Lie Zoom RecordingLaurie McIntosh • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Number Talks: Developing Mental Math and Computational Fluency With Ease VimeoNicole Lamoureux • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Come African Drum with Me! Zoom RecordingJessica Lysak • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Permeating Laudato Si: Cultivating a Green Catholic School from the Inside Out VimeoKathleen Nguyen • Nicole Lamoureux • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Bear Necessities or Necessary Bears? Zoom RecordingSabrina Ryans • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Big Ideas, Student Projects and Current Issues with Project AGRICULTURE VimeoPatricia Ramsay • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Explore Energy Resources with Future Energy Systems Zoom RecordingValerie Miller • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Addressing Secondary Eco-Anxiety Through Solutions-Focused Challenges Zoom RecordingSidney Howlett • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Forced to Flee: A Virtual Simulation Zoom RecordingRoberta Gramlich • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Magnetic Manipulatives: 3D Printed Whiteboard Tools for Teaching High School Science VimeoReuben Mahaffy • Brad Langdale • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Using EdTech to Increase Capacity to Support Social and Emotional Learning VimeoAmi Shah • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Building Resilience for Educators Through Trauma-Informed Practice Zoom RecordingErnestina Malheiro • *RECORDING AVAILABLE*

11:30am MST

Mixed Media Visual Journals: Project Ideas, Media and Techniques – Part 2/3 VimeoMichael Shain • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Visual Journal Ideas for Kindergarten to Grade 6 Zoom RecordingJessica Lysak • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* More “Time to Teach” Please! Zoom RecordingCal Hauserman • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Student-Centered Learning in the Arts and Humanities: From Arts-infused Shakespeare and Social Studies to Vocabulary Self Collection Strategy (VSS) Zoom RecordingRachel Hanbury • Jennifer Biglin • Kamille Svrta • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* How To Engage Students Through Classroom Design Zoom RecordingCraig Ward • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Stage Combat - A Unit Plan! Zoom RecordingKris Christianson • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Joy is a Choice: Embracing and Embodying a Joyful Lifestyle VimeoAlexis Marie Chute • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Teachers These Days Zoom RecordingLaurie McIntosh • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Teacher Burnout & Resiliency Zoom RecordingVanessa Colombina • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* A Protocol for Schools to Address Suicidal Ideation Amongst Students Zoom RecordingRyley Hatchard • Deinera Exner • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* The Octagon of Life: Mental Health Care for Students and Teachers Zoom RecordingJason Wegner • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Practical Strategies for Struggling Students Zoom RecordingDanny Bateman • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Thinking Outside the Box- Developing a Program for Students you Struggle to Reach Zoom RecordingKaylen Christiansen • Greg Ferris • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Leading for Equity in an Inclusive School Zoom RecordingLana Nogue • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* What Could Go Wrong? The Simple Question Your Students Can Build a Story Around Zoom RecordingRobin Pawlak • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Word Power: Helping Children Understand Words VimeoDarren Michalczuk • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Making Climate Change Education Relevant: Experiential, Place-Based Learning for Grades 9-12 Zoom RecordingSidney Howlett • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Take the Project AGRICULTURE Challenge VimeoPatricia Ramsay • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Why Grasslands Can and Will Save the World! Zoom RecordingSabrina Ryans • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Prayer as a Personal Relationship with Jesus VimeoKathleen Nguyen • Nicole Lamoureux • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Explore Before Explain in Elementary Science: An Instructional Sequence to Help our Students Make Meaning VimeoNicole Lamoureux • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* The Importance of Storytelling for Science Education: Weird, Funny, Useful VimeoReuben Mahaffy • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* The Importance of Ethics in Artificial Intelligence Zoom RecordingByron Chu • Vishal Balashankar • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* The Science of Creating Effective Learning Materials with Dual Coding YouTubeDaniel Maas • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Maker Tech? What the Heck?! (Maker Tech Available from your ATA Available) YouTubeSandra Anderson • *RECORDING AVAILABLE*

12:00pm MST

1:00pm MST

Artists and Education Funding Zoom RecordingJodie Vandekerkhove • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Mixed Media Visual Journals: Project Ideas, Media and Techniques - Part 3/3 VimeoMichael Shain • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Photography as a Tool for Developing Observational Skills and Self-Awareness VimeoAlexis Marie Chute • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* E-Exchanges: Choose Your Own Teaching or Leadership Adventure! YouTubeCarolyn Freed • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* ASEBP Benefit Overview Presentation Zoom RecordingTenjie Wilson • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Look Forward to Retirement! Zoom RecordingRhonda Hunter • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Habits of Mind Zoom RecordingCal Hauserman • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Using Cultural Stories and Gamification to Improve Emotional Engagement VimeoMeghan Gardner • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Three Adventures in Technology: Personal Devices, Gamification, and Creating Curriculum through Role Playing Game Software Zoom RecordingHeather Campbell • Karl Hanson • Rei Kissinger • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Transforming Classrooms - Gaining Skills to be Effective in the K-12 Class and Beyond Zoom RecordingSusan Mukanik • Kelly Maxwell • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* The Effectiveness (& Joy!) of Movement VimeoTina Thrussell • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Give, Give, Give...Splat! Zoom RecordingSuze Casey • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Staying Sane! Principles for Survival in the Classroom Zoom RecordingDanny Bateman • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Why Kindness? Zoom RecordingLaurie McIntosh • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Trauma in Children and Youth and Solutions in the Classroom Zoom RecordingMia Klassen • Margaret Wright • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Teaching for Equity in an Inclusive Classroom Zoom RecordingLana Nogue • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* FAIR Schools: A Pro-Human Response to Intolerance and Racism Zoom RecordingZac Rhodenizer Honouring the Logan Boulet Legacy: Creating a Culture of Organ Donation Zoom RecordingBernadine Boulet • Jenny Ryan • Jan Clemis • Dr. Meagan Mahoney • Jenny Wichart • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Writing 101 Zoom RecordingRobin Pawlak • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Comment corriger les nombres 1 à 100 et 100 à 999 Zoom RecordingSarah Melo • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Canada's Black Music History: Sing, Move, Listen, and Play Zoom RecordingDr. Kathy Robinson • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Explore Alberta from the Seat of Your Pants! VimeoJennifer Janzen • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Sacred Scripture and Storytelling VimeoKathleen Nguyen • Nicole Lamoureux • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Preparing Students for Their Future Energy Careers Zoom RecordingSidney Howlett • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Holocaust Studies: A New Locally-Developed Course One Year In Zoom RecordingLindsay Kate Anderson • *RECORDING AVAILABLE*

2:15pm MST