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Thursday, February 24

8:55am MST

9:00am MST

10:15am MST

Acrylics Beyond Realism Zoom Rm 106Christina Dixon • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* The 25% Rule of Assessment Zoom RecordingKimberly Waugh-Motoska • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Looking Ahead to New Adventures Zoom RecordingAmanda Shaw • Jennifer Hope • Lorna McIlroy, Alberta Retired Teachers’ Association • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Write Now! YouTubeSusanne Heaton • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* ASMR: It May Be Weird, But It Is Also Literacy VimeoDavid Lewkowich • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Les Perspectives Francophones en Alberta Zoom RecordingSimon Pagé • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Dimensions of Wellness Zoom RecordingA. Grace Martin • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Fuel Your Body to Teach Zoom RecordingCarman Murray • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* On the Brink of Burnout Zoom RecordingVictoria Smith • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Building Resilience with Self-Compassion VimeoTina Thrussell • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* COVID-19's "Parallel Pandemic": The Mental Health Impact Zoom RecordingWade Sorochan • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Depression, Anxiety or Bust Zoom RecordingKathy Penner • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* The Science of Reading Zoom RecordingHeather Willms • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Engineering and Sustainability in First Nations Fish Harvesting Traditions Zoom RecordingByron Chu • Vishal Balashankar • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Fraction and Decimal Math Games for 4-6 Zoom RecordingJohn Felling • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* La plateforme Mathigon: faire des maths gratuitement et en français - 1ère à 9e année VimeoRenée Michaud • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* The Fastest Way to Learn Addition VimeoDarren Michalczuk • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Creating in the Music Room VimeoJoyce Holoboff • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Creating a Sustainable Future Together: Engaging Elementary Students in Climate Solutions Zoom RecordingMelanie Hoffman • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Energize your Classroom (Inside and Out) VimeoEver Active Schools • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* 97 Staff Recognition Tips in Just 60 Minutes Zoom RecordingNelson Scott • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* How to Build School-Wide Social Emotional Support: An Unfolding Ethnography & Framework VimeoLiz Harrison • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Adaptations FIELD Kits - Friendly, Interactive, Engaging, Learning, Discovery Kits Zoom RecordingKenzie Field • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Fun with Google A-Z Zoom RecordingCammie Kannekens • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Elementary Coding in Minecraft Education Edition Zoom RecordingDavid Hay • *RECORDING AVAILABLE*

11:30am MST

Oil Pastels Landscapes Zoom Rm 106Christina Dixon • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Plausible Wrong Answers: Dismantling the Diploma and PAT through Poetic Creation Zoom RecordingTyler B. Perry • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* The Assessment of Student Understanding of Alberta Learner Outcomes Zoom RecordingKimberly Waugh-Motoska • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Your Pension Matters Zoom RecordingLorraine Wirzba • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Creating Calm in your Classroom with Sound VimeoTina Thrussell • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Show & Tell: Creating Access Using Artifacts VimeoLiz Harrison • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Up your “Video Game” Zoom RecordingCammie Kannekens • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Francophone Perspectives in Alberta Zoom RecordingSimon Pagé • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Dealing with Grief, Naturally YouTubeSusanne Heaton • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Overcome Perfectionism Zoom RecordingA. Grace Martin • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Stress is a Habit - Let's Make It a Good One Zoom RecordingVictoria Smith • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* ATA Services for School Leaders Zoom RecordingShelley Magnusson 6 Winning Reading Strategies Zoom RecordingHeather Willms • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Graphic Novels for Young Readers 2021-2022 VimeoDavid Lewkowich • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* K-3 Place Value Math Games Zoom RecordingJohn Felling • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Le nouveau programme de maths - 1ère à 6e année VimeoRenée Michaud • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* The Fastest Way To Learn the Times Tables VimeoDarren Michalczuk • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Elementary Math and Science with Robotics and Electronics Zoom RecordingDavid Hay • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Help! I Need Ideas for K-3 Music VimeoJoyce Holoboff • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Build Your Healthy School Puzzle with the NEW Canadian Healthy School Standards VimeoEver Active Schools • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* From Anxiety to Empowerment: Engaging Secondary Students in Climate Solutions Zoom RecordingMelanie Hoffman • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Crowdsourcing Staff Recognition Zoom RecordingNelson Scott • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Learning Leadership Zoom RecordingKevin Wood • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Nurturing our Wellness Through Connected Communities Zoom RecordingLorna Hewson • Kathleen Robertson • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* All About Plants / Biomes FIELD Kits - Friendly, Interactive, Engaging, Learning, Discovery Kits Zoom RecordingKenzie Field • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* How to Engage Kids When Teaching Social Sciences Zoom RecordingKathy Penner • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* The Science of Creating Effective Learning Materials with Dual Coding YouTubeDaniel Maas • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Maker Tech? What the Heck?! (Maker Tech Available from your ATA Available) YouTubeSandra Anderson • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Teaching Statistics in Math and Science with Code and Data Science Zoom RecordingByron Chu • Jerric Chen • *RECORDING AVAILABLE*

1:00pm MST

The What, How, and Why Behind Creating Authentic Assessments Zoom RecordingKimberly Waugh-Motoska • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* E-Exchanges: Choose Your Own Teaching or Leadership Adventure! YouTubeCarolyn Freed • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* A Pro-Active First Five Years Zoom RecordingDr. Margot McKinnon • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Deeper Learning in High School Zoom RecordingTrisha Sotropa • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Great Minds Think Alike ... or Do They?! VimeoMaria (MD) Millar • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Develop and Trust Your Intuition VimeoTina Thrussell • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Enhancing Educators’ Emotional Wellbeing using the ASAP Technique Zoom RecordingHarriet Tinka • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Stop Vaping Before it Starts: What Teachers Need to Know No Recording AvailableAHS, Vaping and Cannabis Program • Alberta Heath Services • Megan Burland • Aaron Ladd • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* 5 Keys to Building Resilience Zoom RecordingVictoria Smith • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Stressed Out? Take a Break, Naturally! YouTubeSusanne Heaton • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Pandemic Recovery - The Next Normal for Alberta Schools Zoom RecordingPhil McRae Poetry In Voice: Canada's National Recitation Competition is Coming to Alberta! Zoom RecordingTyler B. Perry • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Responding to Visual Art in the Language Arts Classroom VimeoDavid Lewkowich • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* L’égalité en math - plus qu’un symbole mathématique - 1ère à 3e année VimeoRenée Michaud • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Making of a Math Genius VimeoDarren Michalczuk • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Math Games for Grades 4-6 Operations Zoom RecordingJohn Felling • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Musical Fun with Plates, Scarves and More! VimeoJoyce Holoboff • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Crops-In-A-Box! VimeoDebra McLennan • Tara Baycroft • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Carbon Capture and Our Energy Transition Zoom RecordingTen Peaks Innovation Alliance • Candice Paton • Kruti Mukesh • Maryam Mkhani • Leah Bortolin • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Introduction to EcoSchools in Alberta Zoom RecordingMelanie Hoffman • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Let's Double Down on Quality Health and Physical Education VimeoEver Active Schools • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Being an Intentional Leader: 10 Life Lessons in Leadership Zoom RecordingLois Van Roon • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Coulee Collegiate: A New High School Model for Distance Learning and In-person Classes Zoom RecordingTim Bloomfield • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* How Would Sherlock Hire? Zoom RecordingNelson Scott • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Life Cycles FIELD Kits - Friendly, Interactive, Engaging, Learning, Discovery Kits Zoom RecordingKenzie Field • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Organize your World with Google Chrome Zoom RecordingCammie Kannekens • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Teaching Computer Science in Elementary Zoom RecordingDavid Hay • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Micro:bit Exploring Sensors Zoom RecordingSusan Sharpe • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Rethinking Challenging Kids - An Introduction to Collaborative Problem Solving Zoom RecordingMatt Sticksl • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* The Trauma-Informed Classroom Zoom RecordingAngela Hill • *RECORDING AVAILABLE*

2:15pm MST

Lessons Learned from Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro VimeoSusanne Heaton • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Reinvent Yourself in Retirement Zoom RecordingDr. Margot McKinnon • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* You Eat What You Are - What's Your Food Story? VimeoDebra McLennan • Tara Baycroft • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Data Driven Wellness: Examining Teacher Practice and Student Wellbeing Zoom RecordingMegan McElhinney • Bryan Allen • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* The 'Silent' Bully: The Power of Words vs Non-Verbal Communication in the Workplace VimeoMaria (MD) Millar • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* School Leaders – Investigate or Not? When, Why and How? Zoom RecordingShelley Magnusson Michitowin: Finding Our Connection to Land and Environmental Stewardship Through Acknowledgement VimeoEver Active Schools • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Colin Mochrie Keynote VimeoColin Mochrie • *PASSWORD PROTECTED RECORDING AVAILABLE* Pourquoi faire des puzzles en maths? 1ère à 6e année VimeoRenée Michaud • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Shuffling Into Math for Grades 1-3 Zoom RecordingJohn Felling • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* No Touch Games and Dances VimeoJoyce Holoboff • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Bring Agriculture to Life in the Classroom! Zoom RecordingNancy Kelner • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Seventy-Five Purposeful and Engaging Physical Education Activities in a COVID-Safe Environment YouTubeJohn Byl • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Unlucky When Hiring? Zoom RecordingNelson Scott • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Woodland Wonders FIELD Kits - friendly, interactive, engaging, learning, discovery Kits Zoom RecordingKenzie Field • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Virtual Programming at the Alberta Legislature Zoom RecordingGrace McNeely • Meredith Shewchuk • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Accessibility Teacher Toolkit Zoom RecordingDr. Samantha Fecich • *RECORDING AVAILABLE* Grow into STEM activities with Micro:bits YouTubeDaniel Maas • *RECORDING AVAILABLE*